Working at the Medicines Authority


The Medicines Authority employs around 40 employees in managerial, technical and administrative posts so as to contribute to the protection of public health in Malta through the regulation of medicinal products and pharmaceutical activities.  The motto of the Medicines Authority is ‘Together We Excel’ as the Authority is committed to excel in its objectives through its people. 

Employment Opportunities

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Learning and Development

 The Medicines Authority acknowledges that effective training and development offers benefits to the individual and the organisation as a whole, which ultimately contribute to the achievement of the Medicines Authority’s objectives. Employees of the Medicines Authority benefitted from two EU funded twinning projects aimed to build and enhance the Authority’s capacity.  The budget for the projects was over one million euro.   

New employees undergo an induction training programme and are supported by experienced employees. Individual training needs are assessed through performance appraisals which are usually held twice a year. The Authority sets training and development priorities on a yearly basis and learning and development opportunities are offered both in Malta and abroad in line with the priorities and resources of the Medicines Authority.  The Authority has a specialised in-house library with over 700 books and organises staff development sessions, open for all employees, every two months.  

The Medicines Authority is a member of theFoundation for Human Resources Development (FHRD)and collaborates with the Centre for Development Research and Training (CDRT) to offer training in five main areas: Management Development, Corporate Services Training, Continuous Development, ICT Training, and Policy & Government Training. 

Health, Safety and Wellbeing

The health, safety and well being of employees are top priorities for the Medicines Authority.  To ensure the highest standards of health and safety the Authority has a Health, Safety and Wellbeing Committee who is trusted to ensure that the Medicines Authority is in line with Occupational Health and Safety Legislation, that the premises of the Medicines Authority are safe and do not provide hazard to employees and visitors, to continuously improve the health and safety for all the employees of the Medicines Authority, to promote wellbeing at work and to develop standard operating procedures for hazard identification, risk assessment and incident reporting across the whole Medicines Authority.

We understand that our employees have to balance their work and personal life, thus as an employer the Authority seeks to balance these requirements vis a vis its operations by striving to implement family friendly measures such as flexibility in working hours.

Social events are also organised on a regular basis both by the Authority and through the initiative of employees. 


  • 2014 – Equality Mark. National Commission for the Promotion of Equality.
  • 2011 – People Management Impact on Business Success Award. Malta People Awards, Foundation for Human Resources Development.
  • 2011 – Employee Engagement Excellence Award. Malta People Awards, Foundation for Human Resources Development.
  • 2010 – Employee Engagement Excellence Award. Malta People Awards, Foundation for Human Resources Development.
  • 2010 – Learning and Development Excellence Award. Malta People Awards, Foundation for Human Resources Development.
  • 2010 – Equal Opportunities Excellence Award. Malta People Awards, Foundation for Human Resources Development.
  • 2009 – Excellent Training and Development Initiative Award. Human Resources Awards, Foundation for Human Resources Development.