Request for Collaborative Agreements

Bilateral and multilateral agreements between the Malta Medicines Authority and local, European and International institutions are considered key in fostering professional ties, consolidating expertise, exchanging best practices and exploiting work-sharing agreements that benefit the party/ies involved.

The Authority has undertaken an initiative to streamline the framework of prospective cooperation agreements by developing a harmonised Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) template on how the terms of agreement shall be presented. This template is intended to facilitate the engagement process between the participating party/ies with the aim of accelerating the fulfilment of the deliverables pledged in the agreement. The template should be used for guidance purposes only and may be adapted according to the context of the agreement.

Interested parties are invited to engage in collaborative agreements with the Authority by clicking here to download the 'Malta Medicines Authority Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) template for cooperation agreements' and submitting a filled in copy to the following email address: