European Medical Device Leadership: Advanced Training Course

Published: 20 Aug 2019


Medical devices are intended to help patients live better with an improved quality of life and eventually increase longevity.  However, medical devices are a matter of life or death.  Their incorrect manufacturing, storing, handling and use can lead to risks subsequently leading to death.  A failure in one of the processes related to medical devices will impact heavily on the life of the patient, a human being. Falsified medical devices pose another threat to safety.

  • What is being done to defy the death issue associated with medical devices?
  • Are we prepared to sustain a failure free medical device era?

This European Medical Device Leadership: Advanced Training Course calls on to anyone who wants to be a champion in taking the medical device industry and science to the next higher level ensuring patient longevity. The course undertakes to create a forum for sharing of knowledge and ideas whilst embracing the challenges ahead in line with the EU Medical Device regulations.

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The course is eligible for funding under the IIS Scheme, Employers – Investing in Skills, JobsPlus link:  Please note that beneficiaries would need to submit a formal application together with the required documentation which will be re-evaluated accordingly. Original applications must be received by the Investing in Skills Unit 21 calendar days before the start date of training.

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