Data and Information

Freedom of Information and Data Protection


Organisational Details


Departmental Functions

Categories of documents and manuals held by the Medicines Authority


Freedom of Information Requests

Information about the Freedom of Information Act can be found at the FOI Portal. Online FOI requests to the Medicines Authority are to be submitted via this portal.


Application Form

Requests are to be sent to or to the postal address.

A complaint may be lodged by filling the Complaints Form and forward it to the FOI officer at the Medicines Authority. The FOI officer will inform the complainant about the outcome of his/her complaint within 10 working days, informing about the possibility to lodge an appeal with the Information and Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC) in accordance with Articles 9 (Fees) and 23 of the Freedom of Information Act, Cap. 496.


Data Protection

Data Protection Policy of the Medicines Authority

Information about the Data Protection Act can be found at the Office of the Data Protection Commissioner website.